And now a word from our Sponsor

You will WANT to use the UBIK Brand Magnetic Bottle. Proved most reliable in containing Positrons, AntiProtonns, AntiNeutrons, AntiHydrogen, AntiHelium, all the way up to AntiIron. Will also contain Quark Plasma, Dork Matter, and Virtual Matter particles. DO NOT USE NEAR LIQUID PLUTONIUM. Safe when used as directed.

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All see, are little dots. Some are smears and some are spots

Back in the 1950s they used to prescribe amphetamines for Anxiety.  I have that from various print sources.  The Wiki does not mention that.  I the Wiki for it is huge.  The Wiki for Methamphetamine notes that it has been prescribed for ADHD and exogenus obesity.  In the 1970s I remember friends of mine’s moms having one or the other of these drugs in pill form as diet pills.
In the 21st Century Ritalin, formerly used used for Hyperactive Children and Narcolepsy, being prescribed for adults with “lack of effect”.  I know of at least one late forties adult male who has transitioned to that from being on Colonapin for Anxiety about being in perpetual terminal state.  He had been on Colanapin for 14 years and was showing the senility like side effects.  The last time I saw him as he had stopped one and gone fully on the other he was sharper than I had seen in years, but for the last month stopped returning calls or texts.

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And on the Nuclear Issue

I once thought up ULTIMATE BASEBALL. This consisted of using a five pound baseball made of U-235, caught with a 5 pound glove of U-235, and batted with a bat made from a wood/metal composite with a five pound chunck of U-235 right about the strike zone.

Of course, you would need guys from the WWF to be pitchers to hurl such a baseball, likewise catchers and batters. Since the XFL failed…this would be a sport to end all spectator sports, especially if there were games in all the major franchise cities across the country at the same time.

This was born out of a Manhattan Project Legend that I’ve never hunted down for the reality behind it, told to me by my eighth grade science teacher…that there had been a base ball sized chunk of U-235 that had been dropped in one of the labs, and it may have either hit or been close to hitting another chunk…both chunks could have added up to that 10 pound critical masss.

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Shifting out put

Attempting to shift most of my writing out put, need to here from FB and other places where…

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And now

For something completely different.

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His beard


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A bad month for writing

Too much worry, too much distraction, waiting for new things to manifest and old things to fail. Looking into the past to recast the future, the present.

Inspiration only came once and the blogs went untended. Reading and finishing Herodotus’ HISTORY.   Slogging through TROPIC OF CANCER decades too late.  Bouncing things off Astronomers in a public forum.  Having a house guest who does not when to leave and thinks I am running a hotel.

This time a year ago everything hit the wall of Entropy.  Failing dogs and failing writing projects.  A transition from a place of quiet and death to this next to last redoubt on the borders of affluence and effluence.

Platitudes barfed out a a greedy blimp.  Eye filled with floaters.

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